Turning Ashes into Memorial Diamonds More Popular Than Ever


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Turning ash into diamonds is becoming a fairly popular trend in the UK. Unlike traditional funeral practices, it provides a unique physical connection with the deceased.

In addition, memorial diamonds provide years of comfort and serve as a lasting keepsake for future generations. Although there are still people who prefer funeral funerals, many prefer to make cremation jewelry to perpetuate the memory of their loved ones.

How ash turns into beautiful memorial diamonds

Experienced professionals turn ash into diamonds  . The remains of the deceased (also called “cremains”) are turned into diamonds using technologically advanced machines. This process requires high temperature and pressure, and it mimics the one used to produce natural diamonds in the earth’s crust. The process of converting ash to diamond includes the following steps:

Carbon mining

First, ashes are measured to determine if carbon is enough to produce diamonds. Although the carbon content may vary from person to person, only 10 g of hair is required. It is important that you provide additional hair samples in case carbon is not enough. Next, the cremated remains are placed in a specialized crucible and exposed to 1370 degrees of heat and intense pressure. Before the start of the process, the hair is cleaned during the cleansing process. In addition, a special processing technique is used to ensure that other elements are reduced to a fractional minimum.

Diamond cell growth

The process takes from several weeks to several months, and simulates the extraction of diamonds. The larger the diamond, the more time is required for growth in the synthesis medium.

Cut and polish

The diamond is cross-processed to accommodate the main facets. This includes checking for clarity, maximum angles and the specific shape of the diamond. After that, it is polished so that it shines in its unique form. Special skills are needed to prevent the diamond from breaking. Unlike mined diamonds, memorial diamonds are usually mixed with other materials on the surface.

Laser lettering

When the diamond is ready, it is assigned a unique reference number, which can only be seen under the microscope. A private message can be engraved upon request, making your diamond even more unique.

Urmydiamond turns ash into diamonds

In the UK, turning dead ash into diamonds is the best memory of your days with your loved one. However, there are only a few companies that produce genuine memorial diamonds. . The company uses the most modern equipment to get the cleanest diamond. In addition, you are guaranteed to get your beautiful diamond faster.

Memorial Diamond of Pets

The emotions of losing your furry friend can be difficult to handle. If you recently lost your playful interlocutor, you can turn your pet’s ashes into diamond jewelry. This is the best way to transfer the inheritance of a beloved pet for life. You need only 200 grams of ash or 10 grams of hair. Memorial diamonds can be made from the ashes of any type of pet, from dogs and cats to horses and ferrets.

How much do memorial diamonds cost?

The cost of turning ash into diamond in the UK is substantially less than a traditional funeral. However, the value of your diamond depends on several factors, including: carbon refining, diamond creation, cutting and polishing, certification and delivery.

Some companies use a complex process during the cleaning process, which accounts for the total cost of production. Another determining factor is the size of the diamond. A large diamond leads to a higher cost due to the amount of labor. The color you choose will also be added to the price. Typically, the color will depend on the cleaning and preparation procedures.

Yellow is the primary color option and has no added trace elements. Depending on the size, the price ranges from 1250 to 6800 dollars. You can still choose the colorless option, although it costs more. This is the longest growing period and requires the most sophisticated technologies. One carat can go up to $ 16,500. 

If you want to turn a diamond into a necklace, ring or earring, additional charges may apply. When there are no intermediaries, prices can become very competitive. Be sure to choose a diamond that will give you a wonderful memory of the beauty that your beloved has brought to the world. And of course, this should reflect your budget. Urmydiamond understands this.


In the UK, the burial and burial culture is gradually declining. Instead, many people prefer to celebrate the deceased’s life more positively. The truth is that we cannot put a price on our loved ones. Nothing in this world can compare with them. Fortunately, there are comforting and beautiful ways to honor their memories. In the coming years, you will be grateful for keeping the memories of your loved one in this very precious form.

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