The most unique gift. A real diamond from the hair of a loved one, the umbilical cord of a newborn and any other biomaterial. (Memorial Diamonds)


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Recently, the scientific world was shocked by the sensation — scientists from the Novosibirsk Academgorodok learned to grow diamonds … from hair. Skeptics were incredulous about this information — the technology for producing artificial stones has long been known, but what does the hair have to do with it? However, Novosibirsk even received a patent for their invention.

Our correspondent went to the heart of the Siberian land to find out if this is true. And at the same time try to persuade scientists to grow a collective diamond from the hair of MK journalists. So that from now on we are connected not only by friendship and craving for creativity, but also by a single and indivisible molecular network.

In the homeland of a unique technology — the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences — my proposal to create a “group jewel” was enthusiastically received.

  • We have not conducted such experiments yet! — Daniil Efremenko, technical director of the scientific project, was delighted when I phoned him in Novosibirsk, “we will improve the new technique on your hair.”

The reason for such a stormy joy of the scientist cleared up quickly. It turns out that in the process of working on a unique technology, the authors of the idea of ​​growing “hairy” diamonds cut off all relatives, friends, colleagues, their relatives and friends. So, the 12-year-old daughter of a good friend Daniel fell victim to science. The poor girl, having heeded the request of her beloved papa, courageously gave to the chemists Kulibin an impressive part of her luxurious hair, which she cultivated, cherished and cherished for several years in a row.
“Yes, I myself went to work almost bald for more than a year,” the scientist admitted. “What you will not do for the sake of science!”

Before going to Novosibirsk, I had to work as a hairdresser in the editorial office. Armed with the usual scissors for cutting paper, I ran along the editorial corridors with the energy of a maniac, tracking down colleagues whom Mother Nature generously endowed with lush vegetation on her head. Colleagues frowned, but endured — still, it’s not every day that you are trying to concoct a piece of real jewel from a piece of you. Some of my male colleagues kindly offered me their own hair from the chest and from other places where they usually grow, due to the complete or almost complete absence of it on the head. However, I immediately dismissed such dirty dishes. “A scientific experiment requires cleanliness!” I declared categorically, bearing in mind, of course, the accuracy of the fulfillment of the task set before me. And, as it turned out later, she was wrong.

“A diamond can be grown from any hair,” Mr. Efremenko smiled slyly into his thick red mustache (apparently, he did not dare to part with them even for the sake of science) when I complained to him about the jokes of his colleagues. — It all depends on your desire.

  • So you want to say …
  • Why not? Who cares where the hair comes from? Even from intimate places! True, no one has yet addressed us with such requests … The main thing is that the hair is yours, with a unique and unique composition and ratio of various impurities. There are no people on earth with the same hair composition. It’s like fingerprints. So “your” diamond can always be distinguished from “not yours.»
  • It turns out, theoretically, you can crush even your own pet “diamond”? After all, wool is the same hair.
  • It turns out so. And in this case, the stone will be unique.

I brought to Novosibirsk several small containers with colleagues’ hair. All the way I was shaking over pathetic multi-colored shreds, afraid that the priceless cargo would be lost at the airport or envious of competing publications. If only I knew what tests our hair would have to go through before being “rolled” into a diamond!

“To begin with, we will conduct a spectral chemical analysis of your hair,” Daniel dedicated me to the secrets of synthesizing stones. We went to the laboratory, where a bunch of black hair of an unknown “benefactor” rested in a small cone. With me, they put a bunch in a special furnace, from where after a while they pulled out the same bottle, the bottom of which was covered with a thin layer of brownish dust. This is all that is left of the hair.

“Now that all of the organics in them has burned out, you can analyze the ratio of the contents of heavy metals such as lead, barium, strontium, tin, cadmium and bismuth in the hair of a typical averaged“ shark feather ”of your editorial board,” the scientist continued. — And then we will take up the production of diamond itself. It is important that the ratio of these metals at the beginning and at the end of the experiment, that is, when the diamond is ready, should be exactly the same. With laser mass spectrometry, your “personal” editorial diamond can always be identified and confused with no other stone.

To grow a crystal of 1 carat (0.2 grams) entirely from carbon hair, a person will need to shave his hair for several years. Not everyone is ready for such a sacrifice. But already three grams of hair is enough for a diamond to carry a unique piece of individuality of its owner. Scientists even called each other this scientific experiment, «the diamond of the soul.» Therefore, in the process of diamond synthesis, the ash obtained from hair is mixed with graphite powder (graphite, as is known, is identical to natural diamond in molecular structure). Then the mixture is placed in a special unit for the synthesis of stone. In it, at a temperature of 1.5 thousand degrees and under a pressure of 6 thousand atmospheres (conditions close to natural at a depth of 150 km underground, under which diamonds “grow”), the resulting substance is combined with a carbon metal melt. So the future crystal is born.

  • The stone «ripens» in the installation for a short time, — says the director of the scientific project, — four days — and the diamond is ready. It can be sent to the cut. By the way, what kind of cut do you want?

Hmm … What was Marilyn Monroe saying there? Diamonds seem to be girls’ best friends. Alas, I have never had such “friends”. Finally, after a visual demonstration of diamonds of various shapes and configurations with a cut, they decided.

  • And what color do you want? — Daniel did not let up.
    I chose bright green.

A month later, Mr. Efremenko promised to send our “collective” diamond to the editor. In the meantime, the scientist, together with his colleagues, dreams of finding a discovery with a very specific application.

  • Just imagine, it will be possible to make diamonds from the hair of a woman or child. You may be away from a loved one, but his part — a gem — will be next to you, ”the scientist describes the prospects for using the discovery. — And you can, for example, synthesize a diamond from the hair of stars. I think many fans would not refuse, for example, the stone “Madonna” or “Boris Moiseev”. By the way, in the USA they are already interested in our scientific developments …

Alas, not only in the USA. In Novosibirsk itself, they heard about the discovery … small-criminal elements. After the story about this experiment was broadcast on local television, where it was recklessly said that “the technical director of the project wears priceless pants in the pockets of his black jacket”, an apartment was opened at Efremenko. Dragged away … that same jacket.
“Of course there were no diamonds there,” Daniel laughs, “but it’s a shame for the state.” We broke our heads here, how to patent an invention so that foreigners do not “lick” it, but it turns out that it is not at all necessary to defend oneself from strangers, but from our own.

The largest diamond sparkles in the constellation Centaurus. A couple of years ago, he was discovered by astrophysicists from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center (USA). In diameter, it reaches 1,500 km, and weighs 10 billion trillion carats. By nature, Lucy — as the scientists called the cosmic jewel — is a former star, the so-called white dwarf, who used up its thermonuclear fuel and “died”, crystallizing into a huge diamond. To cut such a diamond would require a grinding wheel with a diameter of the Sun, and a ring into which it could be inserted would easily be put on our Earth.

The largest diamond on Earth weighing 3,106 carats was found in 1905 in South Africa. 105 diamonds were made of the gemstone, the largest of which — the “Star of Africa” — weighs 530.2 carats. Now the diamond is in the collection of the royal family of Great Britain — it is set in the scepter.

Studies of the editorial office showed that the highest quality memorial diamonds are produced by URMYDIAMOND

Everyone who wants to order a memorial diamond, has unique opportunity to do that via Kickstarter, benefiting from up to 35% discount and not having to wait in a queue.